I am happy that you are here, and invite you to stay awhile.

This site is dedicated to my stories. Stories about humans, about being human, about being exactly who you are in the face of all life’s little detours. The people in my stories may seem familiar, and it’s because they are. Or at least, they should be. For me, fiction writing is about writing what’s real in a way that makes people feel welcome, heard, and understood. Hopefully, you will be able to find yourself here. 

Still interested? Then stick around and check out some stories. Or, if you’re more into poetry or essays, use the non⸱fiction tab to check out some of my other work. You can also check out my blog, which is a place to find out more about my personal journey as a writer. 

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Artist Statement

I write to provide a bridge for my readers, from the past they loved or wish they could forget, to the future they pray for or are terrified of. I write to show my readers parts of themselves they’ve kept hidden, to put them face to face with these versions of themselves and remind them why they existed. I write because my ancestors could not. I write because most days, I feel like I cannot. My goal is to write something (or some things) that matter. Matter to me, matter to you, matter to the world. My mantra as a writer is: Dream. Create. Inspire; it is my intention to take my dreams and turn them into creations that will inspire my readers. I want my words to be a safe space, a retreat, a giant bowl of comfort food (with ice cream on top). I want my words to be truth and light. Trauma and joy. I write, only partly, for me. Mostly, I write for my people. Near and far, now and then. I write for us; to show us how beautiful we are, how delicate and intricate and profound. I write.