Short Fiction

The Waitress

It was a remarkable piece and was as great writing should be – lean, precise, engaging.”

Your story is amazing… I couldn’t stop reading it.”

It gave me pause. It felt like reading about the about the secret side to something. It opened up doors.”

I work in a reading high school class, so I’m thinking about reading your story with my students. Thanks for the great story.”

“For what it is worth, something that you wrote has touched me, and for that I am grateful.”

Novels: What’s Now?

Fireflies and Funerals - Cover_Final

My first novel, Fireflies and Funerals, is a work of fiction that combines coming-of-age with the mature themes of poverty, discrimination, sexuality, and death.

After a drug overdose causes the unexpected death of her father, 10-year-old Kenyatta Walker finds herself stranded in Lansing for a summer with a Granddaddy she doesn’t know. Kenyatta (“KB”), a fiercely devoted and precocious protagonist, wants two things most of all: the truth, and the attention of her 14-year old sister, Nia. But, as KB quickly learns, neither of these will come easily.

*** This novel is being considered by 3 agents for representation. Fingers crossed!

 Novels: What’s Next?

The Secrets in the Middle - Cover_Final

My upcoming novel, The Secrets in the Middle, tells the story of Rodney and Marlowe: a happy couple with a perfect marriage. Until one day Rodney leaves, and Marlowe is left to discover all the reasons why, and all the secrets in the middle.

Stay tuned for more updates!