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Make it Last Forever. And Ever.

I'm getting married. In 40 days. It's been an amazing journey, as we prepare for a wedding, a marriage, and a life together. A life that we'll share forever. Yes, I said forever. Weird that I pointed that out? Well, since getting engaged, I've found that the vast majority of people consider me to be… Continue reading Make it Last Forever. And Ever.

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[This] Love…

...I never knew it existed. Until now. You see, the thing about love is... Even if you've loved before, you can still find that one love that will make you feel like you've never truly known it.. It rolls in like an amnesia at high tide, erasing and replacing. Imploring you to ask questions, while… Continue reading [This] Love…

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Still reeling from the pain Heart stomped beneath ill-fated feet As countless thoughts of you search for their place of retreat We treat our hearts with such disdain No wonder they dread to meet. Yet meet they do Meeting you The day we met Stars aligned – then opposed in an instant. Like the moth… Continue reading Heart[BREAK]