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Chris Harris, On Loving a Writer [GuestBlog]

The first time I realized my wife was a true writer was July ’12. We were living in Houston, she was 6 months pregnant with our second daughter and we had just moved into a new house: a three bedroom, two story with a lime tree and koi fish pond in the backyard.

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Snippet: Summer Blossoms

Here is an excerpt from my latest piece of writing, a short story titled: "Summer Blossoms". One of my best memories from our summer in Lansing was the jar of caterpillars. There were fat caterpillars, fuzzy caterpillars, and some that looked like cross-bred bumblebees. My favorite caterpillar was black on both ends, but burnt orange in… Continue reading Snippet: Summer Blossoms

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Beware of the Joy Thieves

We all have them in our lives. Lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. They smile, they laugh. They seem happy. They are the joy thieves. They might be seemingly well-intentioned folks, but with an uncanny knack to suck the joy out of any potentially joyous occasion. This is probably nothing new, I'm… Continue reading Beware of the Joy Thieves

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Seen & Heard: Honeymoon Edition (Part 3)

Our third and final honeymoon stop was the beautiful and classic Amelia Island. We'd never even heard of Amelia Island prior to booking the trip. I think I found it listed on some "most beautiful places in the something something" lists on Google. Luckily, the random Google search was 100% correct. The location was perfect:… Continue reading Seen & Heard: Honeymoon Edition (Part 3)