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To My Daddy…

This is the poem that I wrote last month for the occasion of my daddy's funeral. Though no words could truly capture the thoughts in my head and the love/pain in my heart. For once in my life, words have failed me. Here is my best attempt. To My Daddy You were my Daddy. Sometimes… Continue reading To My Daddy…

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Still reeling from the pain Heart stomped beneath ill-fated feet As countless thoughts of you search for their place of retreat We treat our hearts with such disdain No wonder they dread to meet. Yet meet they do Meeting you The day we met Stars aligned – then opposed in an instant. Like the moth… Continue reading Heart[BREAK]

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Love (for lack of an alternative/better title)

I just want to speak from the heart for a minute, about something that's been really bothering me: love. Love, or rather the pursuit of love, admittedly rules my existence. I often feel that I am defined by whichever relationship I am in (or not in) at any given moment. And looking back on it,… Continue reading Love (for lack of an alternative/better title)