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To Write is to Breathe..

I want to write. To release the emotions quelling within. To capture each of my thoughts, and pour them one at a time onto the canvas. I want to feel the pressure lift from my bulging heart, feel the life creep back into my veins. To write is to live. To write is to breathe.… Continue reading To Write is to Breathe..

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The Photograph

I am young in the photograph. Wide-eyes, painted in aquamarine, stare intently from the weathered print. Olive skin plays a tug-of-war with the deep hue of my magenta lipstick. I am wearing a sundress: frilly, typical, which hangs limply from my emaciated figure. I am not alone. Pictured beside me is a man, clothed in… Continue reading The Photograph

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[This] Love…

...I never knew it existed. Until now. You see, the thing about love is... Even if you've loved before, you can still find that one love that will make you feel like you've never truly known it.. It rolls in like an amnesia at high tide, erasing and replacing. Imploring you to ask questions, while… Continue reading [This] Love…

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Love (for lack of an alternative/better title)

I just want to speak from the heart for a minute, about something that's been really bothering me: love. Love, or rather the pursuit of love, admittedly rules my existence. I often feel that I am defined by whichever relationship I am in (or not in) at any given moment. And looking back on it,… Continue reading Love (for lack of an alternative/better title)

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A Glimpse…

It's about time that I share some of my writing with the world. Here is the beginning of a short story that I am creating. When I create, I allow my stories to write themselves. So if it is bad, then blame it on the story 🙂 And I welcome all comments. ______________________________________________________________ He was… Continue reading A Glimpse…