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30-Day Novel!

So. A crazy thing happened the other day. I sent a sample of my writing to an agent. And she actually responded. And she actually liked it. This is crazy for 2 major reasons: I never share my writing with people I don't know. Well, besides on my blog, but that doesn't count. Right? You cannot… Continue reading 30-Day Novel!

Choices, Fear

Living Life… [minus the living]

It finally hit me yesterday. What am I doing? Why am I here?? How did I even get here??? I felt like I was waking up from one of those super confusing dreams, the kind where you wake up trying to recall how it all went down, how you even got to the place where… Continue reading Living Life… [minus the living]

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Fear of Blogging

As I was reading (and thoroughly enjoying) a fellow blogger's site today, I realized something about myself: I'm afraid to blog. Since I started my blog almost 9 months ago, I have only posted 6 times!! Geez...saying that aloud (well, typing) makes me feel pretty bad about my self-proclaimed title of "writer". How am I… Continue reading Fear of Blogging