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Snippet: Summer Blossoms

Here is an excerpt from my latest piece of writing, a short story titled: "Summer Blossoms". One of my best memories from our summer in Lansing was the jar of caterpillars. There were fat caterpillars, fuzzy caterpillars, and some that looked like cross-bred bumblebees. My favorite caterpillar was black on both ends, but burnt orange in… Continue reading Snippet: Summer Blossoms

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Make it Last Forever. And Ever.

I'm getting married. In 40 days. It's been an amazing journey, as we prepare for a wedding, a marriage, and a life together. A life that we'll share forever. Yes, I said forever. Weird that I pointed that out? Well, since getting engaged, I've found that the vast majority of people consider me to be… Continue reading Make it Last Forever. And Ever.

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The Paradox

How many of you are familiar with The Stockdale Paradox? Because that's what we're gonna talk about today. After a particularly difficult (yet productive) conversation with my boyfriend last night*, he sent me a text message this afternoon telling me he loves me (gotta love random afternoon cake!), and also this: "Stockdale's Paradox, I saw… Continue reading The Paradox