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Day 10: Small Steps & Roses

Day 10 of 30 Word Count: 24,178 I'm doing it, y'all! In ten days, I have written 13,312 words. 13,312 words. In TEN DAYS. I still have a long way to go, but I must stop and acknowledge this accomplishment. Too often in life, we breeze past our small achievements because we are intensely focused… Continue reading Day 10: Small Steps & Roses

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Day 3: Guide to Doing Things You Don't Have Time to Do!

Day 3 of 30 Word Count: 15,113 Whew! In three days, I have written 4,247 words. (When I began, the piece was already a 10,866 word short story, for a total of 15,113 words.) This speed and consistency of writing is exhilarating, terrifying and humbling. What it is not, however, is unexpected. Because like I mentioned… Continue reading Day 3: Guide to Doing Things You Don't Have Time to Do!

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30-Day Novel!

So. A crazy thing happened the other day. I sent a sample of my writing to an agent. And she actually responded. And she actually liked it. This is crazy for 2 major reasons: I never share my writing with people I don't know. Well, besides on my blog, but that doesn't count. Right? You cannot… Continue reading 30-Day Novel!


5 Easy Ways to be a Kid Again!

When's the last time you laughed until your face hurt? As "grown-ups", we tend to forget the little things that always made us happy. We take things too seriously. We stop laughing. I make it a point to hold on to my childlike zeal for life. For me, it's the only way I stay sane.… Continue reading 5 Easy Ways to be a Kid Again!

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11 Months.

Today marks 11 months of life with the seriously-stinking-cute Zuri Olivia. So of course, I pulled out "the sticker" to celebrate such a momentous occasion. Which made me realize: I haven't posted these updates in a few months, for a reason that I've been apprehensive to discuss. But... Here goes. Zuri has a bit of… Continue reading 11 Months.