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Seen & Heard: Honeymoon Edition (Part 2)

Okay, okay. I know. It’s been FOREVER since my last post. I made a promise to post a 3-part series, and I only gave you one part. So, if anyone is still interested, here comes the rest!

Our second stop on the honeymoon road trip was the shortest stop, and was also completely unplanned. As soon as we jumped back on the road, we decided to visit a small island outside Savannah: Tybee Island. The drive to Tybee Island was short, but beautiful:


Once we arrived, we ran straight for the water. We didn’t even take the time to change into our bathing suits! After a long wedding day and a long road trip, the ocean water and sand felt amazing beneath our tired toes:



We took a few fun photos…























…before hopping back on the road.

Here’s what this leg of the trip taught me (warning — profound wisdom):

For better or worse, marriage is a journey. Though we may not know how or when it will end, we know that we are on this road together. And — since we’re on the journey anyway, we may as well make a few (gorgeous) pit stops!



Next stop: Amelia Island!

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